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registered dietitian atlanta
"A healthy diet is more than what we eat; it's also our attitude towards food."
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Meet Christina

I'm a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) working in the metro Atlanta area and beyond. I've practiced as an RDN since 2016, serving a diverse mix of people from those managing complex medical conditions to those who are well and desire to prevent disease.  


I believe that every person’s body is different, therefore, there isn’t a blanket approach for everybody’s nutritional and wellness needs. 


“Working with Christina has brought me a new perspective on health. I still can’t believe I am eating foods I enjoy AND losing weight, all without having to track a single calorie or macro. I feel so much peace and empowerment.” -Mallory S.


“I recently started a vegan diet and I am an athlete. I was worried about obtaining adequate nutrients on a vegan diet with my intense workout routine. Christina helped me gain muscle mass and work on my physique as well as strengthen my endurance on long bike rides Highly Recommend.” Joseph. H

“For the last four years I have had gut issues. I could never get to the bottom of it. Christina completely changed my outlook on my health and wellness and overall relationship with food. I haven’t had a single tummy problem since working with her. She has changed my behaviors with food and my overall  mindset. Working with her has been the best thing for my health.” B.T.

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